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How To Maintain A Beautiful Spray Tan


Customers of ours always ask how to keep their spray tans looking as good as possible as long as possible.  The Platinum Spray Tan always leaves a satisfied customer with a ‘Post Tan Care Instructions’ information sheet.  Customers should realize that they are truly instrumental in keeping a tan looking beautiful.  

Platinum_SprayFirst, start with the best choice possible.  You have to choose a reputable spray tan business that is an expert in spray tans.  A great place to start is to go with one who can educate you and will pass on their product knowledge.  It should be clear, when asking questions, if the answers reflect experience rather than sales technique. A good spray tan technician will care about the customer’s


end result and will want to earn your returned business. They should be able to provide solutions for your unique concerns and truly customize the experience to your needs and desired results.  Prices for spray tans DO NOT reflect one’s experience or a better solution.  So do not assume that just because you decided to purchase a $75.00 spray tan vs. a $25.00 spray tan that you are getting something better.
Second, after you select your preferred spray tan business be sure to follow close instructions as to what to use and what not to do.  There is a long list of body products that you more than likely have stocked in your bathroom right now that strip a spray tan like no other! A person can receive a great spray tan and use the wrong products and then feel it is the spray tan solution or business’ fault that the tan started looking bad, and fast!  More than likely, if you chose a quality and experienced business, it is you yourself that has damaged the spray tan.  Your  spray tan technician should be able to provide you with products or at least a list of products that are spray tan safe and will enhance your tan while supporting a natural fade.  If not, then they aren’t knowledgeable enough, nor worthy.  If they do and you still are having problems, then try someone else or ask them to supply you with another product option.

Third, know that spray tans are so far advanced with today’s technology.  You don’t have to look orange, streaky, or stink.  There is a lot of information out there and today’s consumers are really wanting a perfected technique from start to finish. 

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