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We take your image seriously. All tans are customized for each client and skin type for all occasions

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About You

First, Treat yourself to a platinum experience at our private Tempe studio for all clients, or relax in the privacy and comfort of your own home or business. We do parties, special events, and all competitions.

Second, Enjoy the perfected high-end service and detail you will receive from our professional spray tan artists.

Third, Enjoy the results of customized natural looking tan from head to toe in 5 minutes or less. A Platinum Spray Tan will last 7-10 days OR up to 2 weeks with our Brazilian Series tans! Safer and longer than a natural or bed tan.



Look 10 lbs Thinner
Hide Cellulite, Varicose Veins, Stretch Marks & more
Instantly Feel Confident
Look Younger, Healthy, and Radiant without the harmful risks of of UV raysD
For All Skin Types


No Streaking
No Odor
No Sticky Residue
No Color Bleeding
No Orange

ASU Student Discount offered for all of you with beauty and brains. Just bring your student ID in and we will make it worth it!

All tans are monitored for the security of the artists and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone


We offer a PLATINUM TECHNIQUE that allows you to shower in only 1 hour! Be sure to ask your artist!!

OUR MENU OF COLORS BELOW                                                                                                          

Platinum Blonde

Our PLATINUM BLONDE Tan is specialized for blondes to create a vibrant, golden, bronzed look. Perfect also for people with naturally lighter pigments in their skin when applied lightly, giving you a beautiful radiant look. Light to medium coverage is best. Lasts 7-10 days. $35

Platinum Half & Half

Lights, Camera, Action! This is our mix between our Blonde and Black to give the best of both worlds. This tan was formulated by Mj for brides, photo shoots, and HD TV to work with the lenses to pick up tones beautifully and deliver an overall natural glow for those who are in front of the camera. Light, medium, heavy coverage are all great options. Lasts 7-10 days. $35

Platinum Black

PLATINUM BLACK is perfect for brunettes and black maned beauties. It gives a sexy brown based tan that has hues of red and gold tones for an established looking tan and healthy looking skin as if you’ve tanned for days already. Medium to heavy coverage is best. Lasts 7-10 days. $35


We hope you can take a compliment? Luxe makes you look like you have a natural olive skin tone. Secret admirers won’t believe you when you tell them it is a spray tan. For all skin tones, this color is soft and brown and gorgeous! Light, medium and heavy coverage are all options. Longer lasting formula, this tan will lasts 10-12 days. $45


This is our HOT NEW color and is the official color our AZ CARDINALS CHEERLEADERS and for our Miss Arizona Pageant. If you desire a tan that looks like you just came from Brazil, this one is for you! Medium to dark coverage is best. Longer lasting formula series, this tan lasts 10-12 days. $45

1 Hour

Don’t like commitments? This formula allows you to shower in 1 hour for a sun kissed look and as late as 4 hours for a deeper tan. You will develop your tan 6 – 8 hours later and on into the night. This tan is requested for its color alone, or for those who are trying to beat the clock. It provides a golden to dark tan. Medium to dark coverage is best. Lasts 7-10 days. $45


NO COMPETITION, COMPETITION TAN. We tan and sponsor some of the top winning bodybuilders in AZ and across the country! We take into account each builder’s special pose and contour to ensure every muscle from your hard work is maximized to its fullest potential! We will only tan 10 contestants total for each show to support your looking unique and standing out. Judges comment on our tans and if we really wanted to brag, we would be in honest when we say our competitors go home winners. $80

Shots & Drops

We specialize in creating cocktail colors for each client to prefect even the most pickiest of people. Our shots and drops added to any of our tans make your tan not only last longer, but customizes a color that is all your own. Additional $6 – $10