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Nadia K. Gave 5 STARS

I never thought I could have such a good tanning experience standing naked while someone attacks every crease with a spray nozzle. Platinum Spray Tan will change all that and at a remarkably reasonable price.
First–I love the communication! Staff is excellent, you can text MJ directly and she is always SUPER responsive! Incredible in this day of technology that there is a place that understands that phone calls take forever for scheduling!  Give them your # and you can get text messages about crazy deals like $5 tan specials.

The environment is really intimate and clean; the work goes quickly and the staff is ready with a full breakdown on pre and post-tan care in case you’re a first timer and ready to go if you’re a regular. Fantastic customer service.

Easy appointment, great walk through of maintenance and the results really spoke for themselves. Love this place!

Anastasia W.  Gave 5 STARS

Love, Love, Love this Place.
If I hadn’t read such rave reviews on-line I probably would never have tried this place. (It’s tucked into a little business center, you would never expect to hold such a gem.)

They give the BEST custom spray tans I have ever had. I’ve had a spray tan from several of the ladies here and they are all GREAT.  Everyone is super friendly, they put you at ease, and you leave with an amazing tan.

Honestly, I pretty frugal. I still get drawn into trying other places when I find a great groupon, coupon etc. Every time I go somewhere else I’m reminded why it’s worth it to spend a couple dollars more and use these pros. And really, their regular prices are lower than almost everyone else. Plus, they offer great deals last minute deals though their text  club.

Lyndsey W. Gave  5 STARS

I traditionally go to another tanning location in Phoenix, but found Platinum Spray Tan a few weeks ago. Owner MJ is great and she does a wonderful job ensuring that her staff provide clients with an excellent customer experience. My decision to spray tan is twofold – avoiding sun damage and a jam-packed work schedule that has me always on the move.My favorite thing about Platinum is the one-hour tanning solution. No kidding! Yes, it’s a little more expensive than traditional solution, which needs to soak into the skin for several hours to activate, but the additional cost is well worth it! My secret combination is, “one-hour, with a shot of black” — although it sounds dark, it actually results in a sun-kissed golden glow that looks better than my natural tan and fades incredibly well. I’m able to shower one-hour after the tan, allowing me to go at the start of the day, then continue with my hectic schedule without having to worry about the tanner rubbing off on clothing or, more importantly, feeling “too tan” while heading out for work meetings.I give MJ a high-five for customer service and for offering the one-hour – it rocks!

Susan S. Gave 5 STARS

Wow! This was my first ever spray tan. MJ was amazing. When I called, her vm said to text for best results, so I did. Quick response, and she provided me complete instructions via text, which I loved. During the session, she made me feel welcome, and very comfortable – a good thing since I was naked 🙂 I look great, and have instructions on how to make my tan last, and didn’t push anything sales wise. I will definitely go back, and will recommend to all.

Ashley C. Gave 5 STARS

I used to tan in tanning beds since I was 12 years old. I was obsessed and still am obsessed with being tan. Unfortunatley, a year ago i was diagnosed with Melanoma on my arm. after that surgery I was told never to go in beds again and to try and stay out of the sun as much as possible. This was devastating to me “I am going to be a ghost” I thought, i delt with it for a while and actually went into a depression… I started looking into spray tans, the salon i used to use beds at had those machines that would spray you, so I tried those. they were ok but my hands ALWAYS looked horrible and it was the weirdest thing holding your breath and all the positions hoping you didnt mess it up. So i started researching the spray tans where a person actually sprayed you I looked through many ads and called alot of them, I came across Platinum spray tan and the way she explained her tans and the fact that it was sugar based really drew me to her I didnt want to put chemicals on my body and create more cancer. MJ was so nice and accomidating, It seems like any time i need her she is available. She would come to my house or I would go to the studio and her tans were and ARE so great I dont feel like i have a ‘FAKE” tan, the color is excellent and you can customize it how ever you want basically. I never felt weird being in front of her completley naked, she always made me feel comfortable. I love her and her tans I would not let anyone else but Platinum spray tan, tan me. I feel so much better about myself now that i can be tan on a regular basis, I go once a week and I love it. If you want the BEST tan in AZ go to the Platinum Spray tan!!!! U wont regret it!!!!
Honestly, I pretty frugal. I still get drawn into trying other places when I find a great groupon, coupon etc. Every time I go somewhere else I’m reminded why it’s worth it to spend a couple dollars more and use these pros. And really, their regular prices are lower than almost everyone else. Plus, they offer great deals last minute deals though their text  club.

Kara K. Gave 5 STARS

Beyond excited I found this gem:)) Before moving to tempe 2 years ago I has worked at a salon and was sprayed there weekly by my co-worker and friend and shortly became addicted to spray tans… so I consider myself an expert on the matter. After realizing how pasty I was, I searched and searched for a spray tan spot that I could go to time and time again and one that I could be confident going to. Being on there site I casually signed up for the text message alerts, which I would receive weekly specials etc. SOOOO glad I did this because a week after I signed up I got a text alert saying I had won the ONE MONTH of FREEEEE TANS!! Can I just say AMAZING?? So, I booked my appointment and was pleasantly surprised with the experience ALL around. My tan was awesome and so similar to the ones I had gotten back home that I knew I found my go to spot! I’ve been telling all my friends and hope MJ and her team have amazing business here on after, they are doing great things:)))

Kristin L. Gave  5 STARS

First and for most I pride myself on knowing good spray tans since I’m obsessed with them… I came across Platinum spray tan awhile back and have been in LOVE with the products, service and MJ.
MJ helps the customer feel “special”… she dives in to really get to know what you’re looking for as a customer. She develops special blends to get you that perfect shade of tan. We have mastered a lot of shades but it’s always fun when MJ says she has a new formula to try… Im 100% in for new shades to try out.
I have used The Platinum spray tan service many times… However, MJ is kind enough to do “Platinum” spray parties – when my girlfriends and I have big events we call MJ to come over and do a spray party – It’s awesome because she has it all… from light medium to the darkest dark, MJ will find you a color that you love!
I truly love Platinum spray tan and everything that it represents: price, formula, hospitality and service…. I hope you enjoy it like I will continue to do so.

Ashley Extensions Gave 5 STARS


Platinum Spray Tan is the BEST!!! I have had many spray tans over the years and it doesn’t get any better then this! MJ, the spray tan artist or should I say goddess of spray tanning is very professional and makes you feel very comfortable from the minute you meet her… I always look brown, never orange and look so much thinner and toned! I am so addicted now that I have her come every week to spray me, I can’t go without! I use to tan in the tanning beds, gave them up as this is sooo much healthier! Give Platinum Tan a try and you will forever be addicted!

Heather V. Gave 5 STARS

I read the review here on this tan and wanted to try it since I am an avid spray tanner. My tan was beautiful just like the previous review said and the results are almost flawless. I was impressed with the detail she put into her work. I got the full benefit of her efforts and this is what makes the difference for me. This tan is a must if you Spray tan.